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Short sales occur when a home that has been placed on the market is expected to sell for less than the total cost of the mortgage, loans, liens, and taxes associated with the property and the seller of the home is unable to pay the difference of the sale and what is owed. In order to sell the home, the seller must find money to cover the difference or lenders must be willing to forgive a portion of the loan or agree to a repayment plan.

When your dream of buying or selling a home is made difficult due to a short sale situation, working with a realtor skilled in short sale transactions can make a difference. Our Vero Beach short sale realtor, Victoria Boss, has more than 25 years of experience helping clients just like you. The National Association of Realtors has given her Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource Certification. When you need help with your short sale matter, you know that Victoria Boss, Vero Beach Realtor, has you in good hands.

What Is the Short Sale Process?

One of the core components of a short sale is working with a lender to ensure that your loss on the home is minimized. Once you have listed the property for sale, there are some steps that should be taken in order to begin the short sale process:

  • Proof of financial hardship should be given to your lender
  • Appraise the property and determine property value
  • Find a buyer to make an offer of purchase on the property
  • Approval of the short sale by your lender to sell the home

The amount of time it may take to approve a short sale will differ depending on the lender, so working with a skilled realtor to explore all options can help. Contact Victoria Boss, Vero Beach Realtor for assistance with the short sale process and listing or purchasing your short sale home. As a short sale expert with a Certified Short Sale Professional Designation, you can feel at ease when seeking our real estate services.

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